Shopping cart abandonment occurs when the customer places goods into the cart or starts the checkout process but leaves the cart without completing the purchase. Almost every e-commerce business points out Cart Abandonment as a prominent occurrence to impair successful performance. You have to take all of these aborted purchases seriously and must treat them with cart abandonment solutions. Basically, you have to assume that all of your customers have a solid intention to purchase. Otherwise they wouldn’t make their way through many touchpoints (search, product page reading, making comparisons) therefore you must take actions within 1 hour but at least within a day. Baymard Institute, an UK-based digital experience research company has recently unveiled a research based on 40 different studies. The statistics on e-commerce cart abandonment were shocking: they pointed out 69.89% as the average abandonment rate.

Cart Abandonment Solutions - Abandonment rates in retail
Losing 69 -76 from 100 customers is an egregious number – do the math how much would your income skyrocket if you were to take these leads back as converting customers! Source: SaleCycle

Most Notorious Reasons for Cart Abandonment

Shopify experts define 4 major reasons for cart abandonment:

1. Too complicated checkout process
2. Concerns over security, worries around credit card payment
3. Missing ‘Guest Checkout’ option (users are forced to create an account)
4. Unexpected delivery costs. This appears to be the most serious, it seems to be accountable for 44% of the cart abandonments.

In many cases you have to consider improvements that concern the entire front-end:

-Change the page design to an aesthetic one and remove the clutter of irrelevant ads.

-Change to a more up-to-date website technology.

-Optimize the design to mobile.

Cart Abandonment Solutions -Reasons for abandonment during checkout
Source: Baymard, Web-Dorado

Even a tiny drop in cart abandonment rate can result in weighty revenue increase! Let’s see some effective cart abandonment solutions on various, well-perceptible e-shopping touchpoints! Each of these sensitive touchpoints offers recovery practices you can apply to convert more abandoned carts into profit!

1. Cart Recovery Successes by UX/UI

User Experience- and Interface Design-related cart abandonment solutions simplify too complicated checkout pages and messy surfaces.  Just imagine the annoyance of your prospect after she placed the items into her cart! It’s a very distracting experience to her if you pave her way to the cashier with useless buttons. They just confuse her which one to proceed on. Remedy this by removing the footer and the superfluous navigation elements! You have to keep your checkout page as clean as possible.

Cart Abandonment Solutions - Immaculate checkout page

An immaculate checkout page, especially on mobile leaves no other path only to proceed. Source:  Lee Black –

A long form on the checkout page is another deterring factor. It’s not easy to navigate and type in long words on touch keyboards especially on mobile. Keep these forms as short as you can.

Build Guest Checkout to make it friendlier for your users that didn’t register or don’t want to register.

Indicate that your payment gateway is secure and show the prices with the additional costs as early as possible! Steeply growing shopping cost appearing at the very end of the sales funnel will seem fishy. However, it’s almost impossible to predict exact delivery costs upfront, before the customer betrayed his location.

Build a progress indicator to let your user know exactly how far along she is in the process. Accordingly, the customer will be aware of how many further steps she still needs to do. Online shoppers start to get used to the following conventional scheme which is used by many digital retail businesses. This division provides a clear overview of the checkout process: Billing- Shipping, Shipping Method – Payment/Order Summary.

Cart Abandonment Solutions - a fair e-commerce Checkout process

The abandonment solution that can be triggered by e-mail, retargeted ad, pop-up or push notification must take the customer back to her pre-filled forms. Source: Moovweb

‘Edit Cart’ and ‘Save Cart’ – Prodigious Cart Abandonment Solutions

Place an ‘Edit Cart’ button that will endow your customers with the feeling that they can control the shopping. A well-visible ‘Edit Cart’ button also will dissolve possible bad memories caused by clingy and pushy stores. Place a ‘Save Cart’ button to keep those users who tend to compare various products and prices. These customers usually open numerous browser windows while shopping, hence they might easily lose the way back to you. According to e-Tailing 84 % of the shoppers are comparison shoppers. Many of them scouts for days before making the final decision. With the save cart feature you can significantly grow your chances to adhere with these comparison shoppers.

Placing the ‘Add to Cart’ Everywhere?

A part of cart abandoner users use the ‘add to cart’ option to create a wishlist. If your store doesn’t have the wishlist or save option next to the product, the customer usually applies this convenient way to mark a product and comes back later at his own convenience. There are e-marketers supporting the necessity of save– or wishlist buttons, other experts debate with this saying just let the visitor use the ‘add to cart’ function and let her swimming in the feeling of purchase.

A part of cart abandoner users use the ‘add to cart’ option to create a wishlist. If your store doesn’t have the wishlist or save option next to the product, the customer usually applies this convenient way to mark a product and comes back later at his own convenience. There are e-marketers supporting the necessity of save- or wishlist buttons, other experts debate with this saying just let the visitor use the ‘add to cart’ function and let her swimming in the feeling of purchase.

2. Abandoned Cart E-mail Practices

E-mail recovery campaign is one of the most effective tactics within cart abandonment solutions to get lost customers back. According to SaleCycle statistics, almost 47% of all Recovery Campaign emails are opened and 13 % of these opened emails are clicked. 30 % of these clicks lead to purchases whose AOV is 19% higher than average purchase AOVs. You can even raise these numbers with personalization: customers are happy to recognize their names first in a stack of subject lines. A well-personalized recovery email harshly stands out from the crowd of unaddressed promotion messages.

What must a Cart Recovery e-mail Contain?

Let’s see a few well-personalized abandoned cart e-mail examples derived from the analysis of 50 online stores’ cart recovery tactics!  Shopify content expert Dan Wang collected these stores that were ranging from large to small. The collection showcases all the retail segments.

A well-personalized e-mail must contain :

-A reminder of WHAT the shopper has abandoned

-The customer’s name (if he already typed it in)

-Direct link to the end of the saved sales funnel, to the saved cart with the pre-filled form. This way you can spare the user’s time and patience.

Complete your purchase email

Source: Shopify, Dan Wang
Cart Abandonment Solutions - A fair Cart recovery personal email

A reasonable example from Personalized link (Your cart) with a dedicated email of the customer representative’s name. Just in case, a discount offer with a time cap is also empowering this purchase. Source: Shopify, Dan Wang

Many stores prefer sending the cart recovery email right after the visitor abandoned the cart. Based on its stats, Rejoiner suggests sending emails one hour after the customer left the cart.

Cart Abandonment Solutions -Conversion rates by time after abandonment

Source: Rejoiner 

Several studies have proven that one hour (45-70 minutes) is the most optimal time window. It’s a relatively short time for the shopper to land on another store’s site, but it’s long enough to exclude those customers who were about to return and complete the purchase without any external encouragement. In case of low-priced goods where the shopper’s product hunting period is shorter, some marketers suggest a shorter delay (30-45 minutes) between cart abandonment and cart recovery email. It’s reasonable to run A/B tests with your specific products with various prices to tune your most optimal delay windows.

3. Shopping Cart Abandonment Solutions in Popup marketing

Although customers generally refuse pop-ups, their overall user experience is not affected too negatively. They forget this disturbance way more easier than we think. The type of pop-up that comes into play after cart abandonment, is the exit offer pop-up. At the very moment the customer intends to leave the site, this pop-up shows up.

Show some exclusive, easily accessible promotions displaying real value, and spark a promo code on the exit intent popup! When your customer clicks on the promo code make the personal cart accessible again! The user can instantly utilize it, without taking any other steps. To spare more time, pre-populate the checkout form with the promo code. Closing the sales with a 5 -10 % discount is always better than losing the customer.

Exit intent popup is a great carrier for other offers such as free shipping or a bundle offer.

Cart Abandonment Solutions -Exit intent popup to grab customer email
Also, exit intent popup can carry an opportunity to get the shopper’s e-mail. Source: CartStack 

4. Shopping cart abandonment by retargeting ads

Personalize your messages for different segments of cart abandoners! To personalize customer experience, you must not bombard each cart abandoner with the same copy. At least you have to highlight those who already have purchased in your store. You have to greet them as recognized clients and don’t forget to say thank you for their past purchases.

The language you use in your retargeting ads should also be personalized by Cart Value. For example, someone leaving a $2000 wedding suit in the basket can’t receive the same message as somebody else leaving a $5 ribbon behind. Make differences between the incentives you offer to the recipients! Offering 10-20 % discount from very cheap products might make your store look petty.  E-marketing experts dissuade stores from offering huge discounts from expensive products. Enormous discounts from premium goods might lead the customer back to browsing because they speculate on cheaper alternatives.

Retargeting Campaign Copies

For ad retargeting campaigns you need more rigorous copywriting efforts than those you used at abandoned cart e-mail copywriting where you had an ample room in the mail body. Third-party providers like AdRoll or ReTargeter help you to place your retargeted ads (Google SERP, Google apps, Facebook and other sites). If Facebook is the primary medium to reach out to your audience, the Facebook Ads can handle your imported list of cart abandoning customers and will help you find them again in their news feed.

Burn Pixel Awareness

Don’t forget about the burn pixel, and don’t squander your scores to already-converted customers. This snippet of code pasted in your post-transaction page will stop to display the ad to the users who have already made the purchase. It could cause a real frustration to your shopper if she can see the product following her after having bought it. Retargeting platforms usually have the feature to create burn pixel which deactivates the ad in the minute the user has bought the product.

Frequency Cap and Time Frame

Perfect timing is a key factor in retargeting campaigns: if the ad appears too soon, the prospect might get scared back, if it appears after a longer period such as a couple of days the potential customer might have already landed in another sales funnel. If you don’t know enough about your customer’s behavioral and demographic traits, follow ReTargeter’s standards that suggest 17-20 times per months, but if you have capacities, run A/B tests with different frequencies and volumes to outguess the best-working practice.

Personalized Retargeting Ad Copies

You have to personalize your ad copies as accurately as possible and must match the reason of cart abandonment. To stand out from the clutter of ads you must have an enticing, goal-oriented and well-optimized copy that both addresses directly the customer’s objection and formulates a value proposition that must be clicked right there. Knowing your customer’s reason for leaving is a huge asset: apologize, if the shopper left the cart because the site crashed or the payment ended in failure, offer alternatives to the product if you detect your visitor has viewed only one product. Offer discounts if your customer hesitated too long on the checkout page (that might mean being price-sensitive or having been assessing other stores’ similar offers)

A/B-testing of your Retargeting Ads

Apply A/B tests with the components of the ads from time to time to find which one results in higher returns (vary image positioning, headline text, call to action, try to add and remove supporting lines in the title etc. etc. ) To make your store engage visitors and convert them into buyers, your retargeting copies should be the organic part of your content strategy. If a few product pages see a significantly large portion of your abandonments, it’s the product page itself that must be revised and optimized. If you experience an unreal high cart abandonment rate in the entire supply, the whole site copy might be deterring the right audience.

Retargeting is a powerful strategy among cart abandonment solutions, but you have to consider the surging number of ad blocker usage and the banner blindness phenomenon that is especially prevalent among millennials. Also, keep in mind that these ads will not stay in your user’s inbox but they will evaporate and only the frequency aims to substitute this volatility.

5. Shopping Cart Abandonment Solutions by Notifications

Push Notifications

Push Notifications  (notification on mobile, tablet, desktop) is a flagship among the cart abandonment solutions: it is also known as recapturing your lost revenue by notifying the customers on the surface of their daily used devices. The recapturing message will be well-separated from chat- and email messages – according to experts after a minimum time of 30 minutes the visitor is already exposed to receive the first abandoned cart notifications.

Sending push notifications is an efficient way to direct users’ attention to their phones. Unless the customer adjusts the notification blocker in the settings, he can’t escape from seeing the notification floating across the smartphone screen. The flip side of these kinds of cart abandonment solutions: notifications, if arriving in an inconvenient moment, may interrupt and therefore annoy your customer. To predict these inconvenient moments is almost impossible, however Tapjoy, a mobile marketing company made a research collecting the data of 4.4 million push notifications sent in 6 months and came to valuable conclusions:

Cart Abandonment Solutions - tapjoy push notification

Avoid the words ‘miss’ and start with ‘get’ if you would like high open rates. Source: Tapjoy

According to Recart, their Abandoned Cart Push Campaigns sending push notifications to computers and phones enjoy an average 23% CTR, while their Abandoned Cart Text Messages achieve an average 98% open rate.

SMS Notifications

SMS notification, an important segment of cart abandonment solutions enjoys more and more unique attention: as it is losing from its presence to the benefit of chat app messaging, people are starting to consider SMS as an ‘ennobled’ channel of communication.

Urgency Creation

What you can build on is the real or fake urgency creation around the product with a notification:

– warning of the product is going to run out of stock

– informing about limited stock or limited time discount

With the copywriting be on the lookout, the text must be laconic and must not sound robotic. Simple reminders without superfluous lines would perform well at customers that you can not influence in emotional and subliminal ways. This segment of customers tends to decide on purchase supported by logical, hardheaded arguments. Test the efficacy of your push notification campaign by using this with gradually adding discounts! You will see which version improves your conversion rate the most.

Cart Abandonment Solutions - Push notification complete purchase

For more impulsive customers personalize your messages to keep them engaged and in the warm feeling of taken care of. Spicing your texts up with sassy, catchy lines, characterizing your messages can be easy if you have impulsive customers and sleek goods. But might need a real brainwork if you have various goods that are sometimes ‘boring’ to build stories around. But remember, these cart abandonment solutions create lifetime customers, so you also should work hard to personalize your notifications.