Recommended for you / You may also like / Related items — recommended product titles are very familiar expressions when it comes to eCommerce stores, we all have a general idea what to expect from item suggestions like these. ‘Amazon-like’ Product recommendations nowadays are important parts of every online store and are used widely across the complete user journey, increasing revenues up to 15%.

If we take a closer look, there are 3 building elements of a product recommendation widget itself: (1) Title of the recommended products (2) Look and feel of recommendations (# of items, color, product attributes, static vs. carousel, etc.) and finally the (3) Logic that defines set of recommended items.

Recommendations in eCommerce stores if considered within the advertising context, are specific ads that can drive our internal traffic in the right direction of discovering the most relevant products for the users. Well-crafted recommended product titles that help the understanding and grab the attention, are one of the main elements of the widgets, just like in ads. However, there are familiar approaches that you can use, there is still room left to use your creativity and write more unique titles.

Customizing your product recommendation titles can be an effective way to further leverage the potential of your widgets, let’s see why:

1. Branding

Spice up the usual texts and communicate your brand identity through every aspect of your website — by including eye-catchy and engaging titles that can represent your unquie voice to your customers and your care about the products.

recommended product titles
Leverage your brand even in your titles, like Lego does, using their building elements.

2. Guide the user journey

Help your customers understand more why certain set of products are recommended for them. Change titles sometimes to give your loyal visitors also a fresh approach and product discovery experience.

3. Increase main KPIs with Creative Recommended Product Titles

Increase ultimately the CTR on key placements like homepage with well-placed and written copy. The more time your users are spending on your site by visiting your products, the better chances you have converting them.

There are not many resources out there that will give you ideas about wiring these titles. That’s why we’ve collected some of the best headings we’ve seen for product recommendations widgets — sorted by the most commonly used recommendation logics — that you can try for yourself.

Trending / Best sellers of the store:

– Most loved

– Everyone’s talking about

– Best selling items on YourStore

– Hot right now

– Our customers enjoy the most

recommended product titles
Everyone’s talking about —

Bought this also bought:

– Perfect combinations with your choice

– Customers who shopped for this item also shopped for

– Perfect pairing

Recommendations based on your cart:

– Inspired by your cart

– Inspired by your shopping trend

– More items to consider

Recently viewed recommendations:

– Remember these?

– Don’t forget these / Did you forget something?

– You might still consider - recommended product titles
Remember these? —

Personalized recommendations:

– You might be interested in

– Top picks for you

– We think these are so you

– Just for you

– Product we can’t wait for you to see

Related / Similar products:

– There’s more to see

– You must also see

– More products you may love

– Like this? You’ll love these

– Why not try…

– … or try them all

– A few more awesome stuff

Newchapter you may love - recommended product titles
More products you may love —
missguidedus why not try - recommended product titles
Why not try —

These are 26 of our favorite titles for product recommendations we’ve seen, which is still not a comprehensive collection. Do you have a unique title on your store or seen a great example? We’d be glad to see it and add to the list, reach out to me in pm.