Yuspify is expanding the service and prioritizes focus on Shopify, one of the most advanced eCommerce platforms. 

Shopify powers ambitious entrepreneurs all over the world: over 600,000 businesses and a marketplace with apps that fit the various business needs of merchants.

Yuspify brings enterprise-level recommendation system powered by AI for Shopify retailers around the world. The app is available for small and mid-sized eCommerce stores helping in increasing revenues through product recommendations at an affordable, risk-free pricing structure.

How does Yuspify work?

By connecting the system, our data mining solution gathers all relevant data and creates a connection saturated big data cloud. Amazon-like recommendations are calculated and provided based on personal preferences and “wisdom of the crowd” by creating item-to-item pairings. Relevant item recommendations suggest a possible ‘next-step’ for the visitors within their user journey, eliminating the paradox-of-choice phenomenon caused by large product catalogs.

Besides the ready-made, best performing recommendation algorithms that Yusp (the enterprise solution behind Yuspify) has created over the years with extensive A/B tests against competitors and inhouse solutions, Shopify users can enjoy the following perks when adding Yuspify to their dashboard:

Simple integration process

The app synchronizes user and product catalogs automatically with the Yuspify database and records user event data on the store through a tracking code – no need for pasting codes and modifying themes. Getting started is designed to be easy – complete the first steps and start displaying recommendations once satisfied with the setup.

Onboarding process on Yuspify

Built in interface to manage recommendations

See all important metrics straight from the Shopify admin panel. Users can manage recommendation widgets and settings. The app provides a complete overview of the system and enables to manage and publish recommendations straight from the admin interface with just a couple of clicks – either on home, product, category or cart page.

Yuspify app interface on Shopify admin
Built in dashboard to see ROI and manage recommendations

Pricing: get started free

The journey starts with a 30-day trial period including free onboarding support for all users. Pricing after the trial starts from $29 / month with a 1-3% revenue share model. This pricing structure ensures users to pay only for the revenue driven by Yuspify, and us to keep providing solid ROI and constantly growing revenues. See pricing here >>

Yuspify has already been delivering great results for customers on various platforms from small retailers to the biggest eCommerce sites. Clients have seen an average 10+% growth in revenues and conversion rates up to 61% higher for users engaging with recommendations.

“Shopify’s ecosystem and its community is the best next step for us to expand the service: it welcomes advanced solutions that are both intuitive to use and provide results that level the playing field. During the last 6 months we’ve been focusing on developing features that will enable merchants to customize and deploy state-of-the-art recommendation widgets out-of-the-box.”

George Herbszt – Product Manager at Yuspify

See how Yuspify works in action and get started free for 30-days:

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