Pamutlabor is a Hungarian custom print T-Shirt shop built on WooCommerce.

  • 10%

    of monthly revenue through recommendations

  • $59

    extra revenue / 1.000 recommendations

    • Challenge

      Pamutlabor started using Yuspify on its product and cart pages in October 2017 and started the free trial period to get itself armed to the November –December peak.

    • Solution

      The relatively low price, the huge variety (more than 4,000 standalone products) and the high conversion rate provides an ample space for the recommendation engines to map the customers’ habits and preferences in this overheated period so we expected an extraordinary data proliferation.

    • Result

      In late November and December 10% of monthly revenue was realized with the help of recommendations, and generated $59 / 1.000 impressions (costing $1 / 1.000 impressions)