What is Yuspify?

Boost your performance by using Yuspify’s machine learning solution to personalize product and content recommendations in your store.

What is Yuspify?

Yuspify is a personalization engine that allows online shop owners to access an enterprise-grade machine learning solution easily, to create personalized product and content recommendations for their customers.

  • 35+ billion

    recommendations served per month

  • $50 million

    per month extra revenue for our clients

  • 20+ countries

    serving our clients around the globe

  • 3 step installation

    Improve your store’s performance with an enterprise-grade machine learning solution that you can easily install in 3 simlple steps.

  • Engage, upsell and cross-sell

    Personalized product placements, content and search are proven to increase your sales numbers and reduce churn.

  • Pay as you go

    Our pricing is transparent - try the app for 15 days at no charge and pay based on the recommendations you make with Yuspify.

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    Synchronize your product catalog through your feed

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