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What is Yuspify?

Yuspify allows you to place recommendations boxes anywhere in your online store - from the home and product pages to the cart page. The personalized recommendations engage your users and generate an average of 10% extra revenue.

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    Increase conversions

    as your customers find easier what they're looking for.

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    Increase cart value

    because we reveal what others have also purchased.

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    Lower churn

    because your users find relevant recommendations on each page.

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    Utilize your catalogue

    because we help your visitors discover the mert vásárlóidnak segítünk felfedezni eldugott termékeidet.


  • Recommendation boxes

    Place automated product recommendations at the critical points of your pages to increase your revenues and customer satisfaction.

  • Predictive search

    Help your customers find what they want in the blink of an eye, even while typing.

  • Analytics

    Put Yuspify's revenue-generating ability to the test with our analytics.

Try the Yuspify personalization engine!

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