Increase your revenue with AI personalization!

  • can be easily installed in any webshop,
  • up to 13% extra revenue,
  • dynamic and personalized recommendations! 

Our solution can easily be integrated to any webshop! Take a look at the integration documents or register now!​​

Download the documentaion for custom webshops


Learn about the success of Yuspify's market-leading recommendation system

+15% average cart value

Download our case study and learn how Yuspify increased Meska's revenue and average cart value!


Increase willingness to buy and revenue

Increasing conversion rate

Increasing conversion rate

Your customers will find their favorite products easier, and as a result, more leads will convert.

Increasing average cart value

Increasing average cart value

We recommend the products to your customers that they're happy to buy based on their preferences and behavior.

Decreasing churn rate

Decreasing churn rate

We display relevant offers starting from the first page, so your visitors spend more time browsing.

Dicover the potentional of your catalogue

Dicover the potentional of your catalogue

We create a personalized journey for your visitors across your webshop, allowing them to navigate an extensive catalog easier and discover new favorites.

Are you undecided weather you should change your current recommendation boxes to a new solution? 

Check out the results of our 3-week-long A/B test to help the decision!

46% more generated revenue and 1.7x more transactions with Yuspify recommendations

Yuspify recommendations

  • 3 800 000 HUF generated revenue
  • average CTR of 2 reco boxes: 7,24%
  • number of generated transactions: 396 

Shoprenter recommendations

  • 2 100 000 HUF generated revenue
  • average CTR of 2 reco boxes: 3,68%
  • number of generated transactions: 230 

Performance of Yuspify recommendations

Easy and fast integration

Even with the custom integration steps it takes only 15 minutes to show personalized recommendations to your visitors!

Registration and integration

Connect your webshop and feed with the Yuspify recommendation engine following the steps in the documentation.

Design the boxes

Use our design editor or code editor mode to tailer the recommendation boxes to your brand!

Place and Publish

Pick the best spot on your page and publish your first recommendation box!

Do you still have questions left?

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