In the heart of recommendations - the engine

Our algorithms recommend the most relevant products based on the behavior of your customers.

  • Entreprise-grade AI in your online store

    The Yuspify recommendation engine has been developed for over 10 years and has remained unbeaten in 42 A/B tests.

  • Measurable business impact

    Thanks to the 10% revenue growth on average, we build long-term partnerships with our customers. Put the effectiveness of our recommendation system to the test with our analytics.

  • Real-time recommendations

    The Yuspify recommendations are based on the most recent data. The last click also actively changes the list of products selected by the personalization engine.

  • Fresh recommendations at each page load

    When your users load a new page, your webshop sends a signal to the Yuspify engine, which calculates a product recommendation in milliseconds - based on the users' browsing history and location - then displays it on the webshop.

Try the Yuspify recommendation egnine!

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Recommendation logics

  • Recommended for you

    Displays personalized product recommendations to the user based on past behavior patterns

  • Others also liked

    Recommends products that are often viewed or purchased together with the current product(s) by other users

  • You may also like

    Displays products that are often viewed or purchased together with the current product(s)

  • Recently popular

    Shows the most viewed products from the recent period

  • Frequently bought together

    Offers products frequently pruchased together or complementary tot he selected product(s)

  • Upsell recommendations

    Recommends similar, but more expensive products

  • New products

    Displays the products that have been added to the catalogue recently, in the past 1-3 weeks

  • Often bought by you

    Shows products that the user has previously purchased and are usually worth purchasing multiple times

  • Top sellers

    Recommends the most purchased products from the recent period

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