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  • Recommendation boxes

    Recommendation boxes are the simplest form of personalization and its power lies within its simplicity.  They were created for placements where the content and design is limited. 



  • Grids

    Product grids are an innovative solution to showcase your wide range of products. Place them on your home page and category page as you can display up to 50 products. 



  • Slides

    Similar to product recommendations, but ideal when you have to display multiple products in a small space or in a row. 



More functions for your store

  • door_sliding


    Our system uses algorithms that learn over time, so recommendations are completely automated

  • tune


    You can match the look of any item to your brand's design without coding

  • dynamic_feed

    Dynamic content

    Instead of static content, your visitors get relevant recommendations in real-time

  • trending_up


    Measure the performance of each referral box separately

  • shopping_basket

    Add to cart button

    The products can be added to the cart directly from the recommendation box

  • developer_board_off

    No coding

    Realize your ideas with ease, while our experts will support you with custom solutions

  • screen_rotation


    The designs are perfectly diplayed on every device

  • photo_size_select_small


    With our easy-to-use editor you can easily place boxes anywhere in your online store

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