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Choose the solution that best serves your needs

  • Recommendation boxes

    Recommendation boxes are the most basic form of personalization. Their power lies in their simplicity.  They ideal for placements where content and design opportunities are limited.

  • Grids

    Product grids are an innovative solution for showcasing a wide range of products. Place them on your home page and category pages to display up to 50 products at a glance.


  • Sliders

    Similar to recommendation boxes, but more useful when you have to display multiple products in a small space or in a row. 

More benefits for your store

  • door_sliding


    Our system uses algorithms that learn over time, so recommendations are completely automated.

  • tune


    You can tweak the look of any recommendation box to mach your visual identity, without coding.

  • dynamic_feed

    Dynamic content

    Instead of static content, your visitors get relevant recommendations in real-time.

  • trending_up


    Measure the performance of each recommandation box separatley.

  • shopping_basket

    Add to cart button

    Recommended roducts can be added to the cart directly from the recommendation boxes.

  • developer_board_off

    No coding

    Our user-friendly client interface allows you to execute your ideas with ease, while our experts can support you with custom solutions.

  • screen_rotation


    Recommendation box designs adapt perfectly to every device.

  • photo_size_select_small


    With our easy-to-use editor you can place recommendation boxes anywhere in your online store.

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