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On average 13% of the total revenue are generated via Yuspify recommendation boxes. 

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Use our calculator to find out which plan would fit you the best!

Our monthly fee is divided into 2 items

Base fee

this includes different ammount of recommendation per plan, from 50 000 up to 6 000 000 served recommendations. 

Overusage fee

if you exceed the number of recommendation that is included in your plan, instead of moving to a higher plan, we charge you with an overusage fee. This varies from 0.98 USD to 0.33 USD per 1 000 recommendations.

Enter the number of your monthly page loads. This is the multiplication of your total monthly visitors and the average number of pages viewed.

Enter approximate page loads:

page loads

Suggested package:
Base fee:
Overusage: / 1000 recommendations
Expected price: / month
Pricing factors
Base fee
Overusage / 1 000 recommendations
Product recommendations
Search beta


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Pricing factors
Recommendations: 50K
Base fee: $49.00
Overusage / 1 000 recommendations: $0.98
Analytics: Yes
Product recommendations: Yes
Search beta: Not available
E-mail: Not available
Pop-up: Not available


Starts from

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Pricing factors
Recommendations: 500K
Base fee: $299.00
Overusage / 1 000 recommendations: $0.66
Analytics: Yes
Product recommendations: Yes
Search beta: Included
E-mail: Unique offer
Pop-up: Unique offer


Starts from

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Pricing factors
Recommendations: 1500K
Base fee: $799.00
Overusage / 1 000 recommendations: $0.59
Analytics: Yes
Product recommendations: Yes
Search beta: Included
E-mail: Unique offer
Pop-up: Unique offer


Starts from

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Pricing factors
Recommendations: 6M
Base fee: $1,000.00
Overusage / 1 000 recommendations: $0.33
Analytics: Yes
Product recommendations: Yes
Search beta: Included
E-mail: Unique offer
Pop-up: Unique offer

Let's look at an example of a return on investment

Calculated with a 25% margin, in August 2022 our client:

  • is a Silver plan subscriber, the monthly fee is $299 net,
  • 12% of the total revenue was generated through Yuspify referral boxes,
  • we generated a gross revenue of HUF 2,500,000,
  • Calculated with a 25% margin the service returned the investment of the monthly fee 13 times.
Mihály Dudinszky, CEO

the intelligent recommendation system

was profitable in a short time

It was a strong reference in our decision that Yusp by Gravity R&D tied the winner position of the Netflix competition. We thought we would benefit from an intelligent recommendation system anyway, and based on this, we considered Yuspify to be the right choice.
The engine, once it had enough data, worked well and made relevant recommendations for visitors to our site. Also, based on the measured data, it was already profitable in a relatively short time.

Mihály Dudinszky, CEO

Useful information regarding trial period and billing

The trial period lasts 14 days, during which time there is no charge or obligation. If you encounter any technical issues during this period, please email us at and we will make sure you can complete the entire period.

As soon as everything is in place, the algorithms of the recommendation boxes begin to analyze the relationship between the behavioral data and the catalog, and learn about the unique nature of the webshop. As time passes and our system collects the right amount of data, it will be able to provide more and more valuable business performance. You will experience positive effects not only in terms of sales volume, but also in terms of user experience.

Check out our case studies to see what results can be achieved with Yuspify.

You can track all of this in your own Yuspify account, just click on the Login button.

If you have any questions, contact us at

We recommend that on Day 13 you log into your account and see how our service performed. If you want to continue using it, click on the Subscriptions menu item:

Then enter the billing and card information in the My subscription menu. If you use the Shoprenter app, you don’t have to make this step.

At the end of the 14th day, our service is automatically activated and your first invoice is created.

The charge is attempted 3 times, if it is unsuccessful, we are reaching out to you and keep the right to suspend the service until the payment is sent. The creation of the charge and invoice entails a payment obligation. 

Based on the traffic during the trial period, you can see which package is expected to be suitable for you. We have four types of packages that you can choose from:



Base price*(USD)

Number of recommendations / month

Overusage* / 1000 recommendations



50 000




500 000




1 500 000



1 000$

6 000 000


*Prices are net.


If we served 40,000 recommendations during the 14-day trial period, you should subscribe to our Bronze plan, but you will definitely exceed the 50,000 limit. Your basic fee will thus be $49 net as long as you do not exceed 50,000 recommendations (displaying 1 recommendation box on the page). If you exceed this – for example due to a campaign – you will not automatically be upgraded to our Silver package, but will have to pay an overusage fee. That’s $0.98 per 1,000 recommendation for the Bronze plan.

As a Bronze plan customer, you should upgrade to the Silver package if your consumption is around/above 300,000 units, because in this case the basic price of the Silver package of $299 net is more favorable than the Bronze package of $49 and the regarding overusage fee.

Let’s see some examples:

Example consumption (displays)

Example monthly fee

Example sum of monthly fee(USD)


49+((15 000/1 000)*0.98)



299+((115 000/1 000)*0.66)



799+((235 000/1 000)*0.59)



1 000+((354 000/1 000)*0.33)


There is no loyalty period for using Yuspify, only a 30-day notice period. During this period, we ensure that recommendations are served.

A page load is a technical event that the website serves when a user navigates to a specific page.

The page load (pageview) can be roughly defined as the product of the number of unique customer visits and the average page views.

You can view this in your Google Analytics account or in the admin interface of your webshop.

Invoicing (consumption) is based on the number of recommendations served. A recommendation means the displaying of 1 reco box, regardless of how many products are displayed in it.

With the help of our pricing calculator, you can calculate which plan is expected to be the most suitable for you. Just enter the number of your monthly page loads. This number is the multiplication of your total monthly visitors and the average number of pages viewed.

It is important that a page load is not equal to the number of recommendations served. If, for example, many people visit your Blog page, but there is no product recommendation box there, then the visit will increase the number of your page views, but not the number of recommendations served.

The first invoice will be a partial invoice, based on the days used beyond the trial period in the given month. The invoices contain two items:

  • a base fee corresponding to a subscription package, which must always be paid in advance according to the current month (like a rent),
  • overusage fee, in the event that you exceeded the number of recommendations included in the plan in the previous month (as the utilities).

Let’s look at it through a Bronze package example.

  • number of recommendations included in the package: 50,000
  • monthly fee: net $49,
  • overage fee in this package: $0.98 net per 1,000 referrals

    Number of recommendations

    Number of transactions 

    Generated revenue (gross)


    Base fee

    Overusage fee

    Monthly fee (net)



    14,088,938 HUF





    This month, this customer paid a net of 178.2 dollars for the service price, which at the then exchange rate of 356 HUF to the dollar meant HUF 80,567 gross. This means that, calculated with a 25% margin (HUF 14,088,938 * 0.25), the monthly fee for our service was repaid 43.7x.

    We would be sorry if you decide that way. If you have any questions or are dissatisfied with us, we would be very happy to receive your feedback, as we are constantly working on improving our service, and we hope that you will come back to us!

    If you do not want your subscription to be activated, click the Cancel Subscription button in the Settings menu before the end of your trial period and follow the steps.

    Our customers who use the Shoprenter webshop receive their invoices through the Shoprenter system.

    The payment is initiated from the Yuspify account, under Subscriptions. The system will then redirect you to the Shoprenter interface via a one-time payment link. This is how you can pay your monthly fees.

    You can access the invoice in your Yuspify account by clicking on the “Invoices” 

    Of course. We also create unique developments, extra recommendation boxes, business logic, and recommendation box design.

    In such cases, we discuss your exact needs and then send you a unique offer.

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