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Frequently Asked Questions

A page view is a technical event that a website serves when a user navigates to a particular page.

We estimate page views (also called page load) by multiplying the unique customer visits multiplied by the average number of monthly page views of the webshop.

Check the number of your page views in SimilarWeb.

We adjust our fee packages to the number of your webshop’s page views.


To estimate your monthly Yuspify fee, enter the number of monthly page views in the calculator at the top of the pricing page, and we’ll show you which package is most suitable for your business: Bronze ($ 49), Silver ($ 299), Gold ($ 799) or Pro ($ 1000).


In addition, at the end of the 14-day free trial, our system will automatically help you choose your package based on your data.

You can determine the number of page views per month in your Google Analytics account or use SimilarWeb‘s free tool.

Yuspify is an international service, and the dollar-based billing format is the most common worldwide, so we also bill in this currency. This way, you’ll receive your invoices in dollars.