9,4% of the total GMV

Libri-Shopline is a Superbrand award-winning online and retail bookstore with 1.3 million registered users and 46 retail locations across Hungary. Being the largest bookstore in Hungary, they had over $56.8 million dollars in sales in 2015.

The Project

Libri wanted to improve their online shopping experience and conversion rates, so they implemented an in-house solution, which they then tested against our service. We successfully outperformed Libri’s in-house-developed recommender system during the A/B tests, providing a 400% increase in banner conversion rates and an 11.5% banner click-to-purchase conversion rate. Additionally, 5% of all sales were made through our recommendation boxes.


Libri-Bookline was looking for a solution to provide better user experience for its users while also leveraging a positive impact on the sales.


Focusing on the online environment, Libri-Bookline decided to implement Yusp to both of its domain and place personalized recommendations to its visitors.


Thanks to the personalized experience on the web the users tend to visit the site more frequently and enjoy shopping at Libri-Bookline.